Bad habits in children
  Perhaps no baby is complete without one or other bad habits. Some people chew their nails, someone sucking your thumb, someone twirling in his fingers a strand of hair,…

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The Issues of consolidation of the right of use of premises for a child after parents divorce
We all know that when a marriage is one of the urgent issues - the right to housing of the former family member, if he is not the owner of…

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Basic contradictions as a source of personality development of the adolescent


Age from 11 to 15 years are not without reason called the critical. During this period in the formation of personality there are significant changes that sometimes lead to a radical change of behavior, previous interests, relations. If the changes are fast and intense, then the development becomes abrupt and impetuous nature. These changes are accompanied by large subjective difficulties in the child. They invoke strong emotions that he can’t explain. We call them frustrations (details will be discussed below).

The causes of the crisis and contradictions of the teenager became a subject of studying developmental psychology. We will review the main points.

Philosophers define conflict as the interaction of opposite, mutually exclusive sides of the object, which are located both in unity and interpenetration. They can be core and non-core, inner and outer, physical and non-physical (Soviet encyclopedic dictionary). By analyzing the characteristics of the body of a teenager, we drew attention to the discrepancy between one’s physiological sphere to the other: Continue reading

Development of empathy in preschool children


Introduction. Updating new values in education, a fundamental change in the socio-economic and cultural life in society has spawned a steady request for new type of man. According to the State standard of education of the Russian Federation and the requirements of the time one of the leading priorities of education is to create conditions for the emotional-moral education of children. This is significant because the development of personality, capable of empathy, compassion, perception of emotional expressions of other people provides a successful adaptation in the modern socio-cultural space. That is why early childhood is the period of a special socio-emotional sensitivity, a time of discovery to the world and peace for yourself. The most important challenge that decide children is communication with other peers and adults, nature and yourself, mastering the essence of human relations. And this is very relevant now as ever. I decided to work on the theme “Development of empathy in preschool children in theatrical activity.” The emergence of forms of communication in children necessary for the development of spiritual culture of society is a complex process education of moral Continue reading

Parents and children: a joint game


Many parents get along well with children, care about them, but I can not enter into their fantasy world to become closer to them and understand children better. The main thing is to return to childhood, to start to play games for children in the literal sense.

How parents can become great partners to the children in the game? Let the game goes the way, and give your child the opportunity to take a leading role.

“It may seem strange, but I completely forgot how to play. I realized this only when my 5-year-old daughter Nastya asked me to play with her Princess. She handed me two dolls – Cinderella and Snow white, and then looked at me and said, “Let them talk»»,- says Natalia, housewife, 30 years.

«I have tried to build a dialogue between the puppets, but it was hard. The daughter was clearly upset about it», – says Natalya. “I felt the same way, and it happened much earlier. Whenever Nastya asked me to build a Fort or play at a restaurant, my gut reaction was always the same: “should I?”, – continues the story Nastia’s mother.

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