Mom, I'm scared...
  Childhood fears – almost a full component of their life – if only because, quite fearless children almost never occurs. To some extent this can probably be considered the…

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A Husband or children. Who in the first place?
  Today I will reveal you the secret of a happy wife. The secret is very simple: the husband in a woman's life is in the first place. Unfortunately, women…

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How to raise a child. Seven important things in raising a child


How to raise a child? Because most parents don’t know the difference between intelligence and knowledge, take the ability to read, count, a good memory for the mind, whereas the mind is the ability to reflect, to think, to compare. Seven important tips for parents.

Mechanical memory may be well expressed and retarded, but the ability to observe, to reason, to draw conclusions and determine the level of mental development.

1. Teach your child to talk

K. Helvetius warned: “you should Not stuff the baby’s head with facts, without having to learn to talk about them. Otherwise, the child acquires great talents to ramble and complete lack of common sense in adulthood. Knowledge is dead without the ability to use them”.

Michel de Montaigne, French philosopher, also believed: “Know by heart does not mean to know.” And saying the same thing: “don’t need a scientist and need clever”. Raising a child, teaching him to think, and not madly to memorize and repeat.

2. Develop child care

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Books for parents


Dear friends, this page contains list, which included the famous book for parents about parenting and the relationship with the child. These books are read by many thousands of parents worldwide and is recognized as the best assistants in the education of children – small and large, docile and not very. The book, in which you’ll find answers, tips, inspiration and strength.

Best books for parents about parenting

One of the best books that should be read by every mother. The book is written in the form of a confidential conversation with a young mother, in which the author sets up more thoughtfully and be sure to look at their child. Author – Janusz Korczak – an outstanding Polish teacher, has devoted his life to children. He remained faithful to them until death: refusing the possibility of escape from a Nazi ghetto, Janusz Korczak remained with her pupils, Jewish orphans, to the end and together they entered the gas chamber.

One of the best books on parenting. How to build a relationship with the child? How to get him to obey? Can I fix the relationship if they are deadlocked? You’ll find the answers to these and other questions, will learn how to solve them in practice in your life.

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.For anybody not a secret that there are children who grow up without parents, orphaned children, children living in orphanages, boarding schools… All we know about them, we all feel sorry for them, some even trying to help… These children – the tragedy of a society, an open wound. We understand that they are deprived of parental warmth, care and love. Here everything is clear: deprived, because no parents. And every bystanders trying to help… But there are other children – the children of rich parents, growing in abundance (sometimes in excess), with mom and dad, babysitters, mountains of toys and other pleasures. How they live? You say, chocolate. Best of all. Do not jump to conclusions. It so happened that I work with such children and parents. The film, which opened my eyes, astonished and outraged. What is for children of rich parents: Image. «how dressed my child (definitely branded expensive stuff) that is able to do (reading in 3 years, and 5 – already knows 2 languages or not… simply put a genius or not) of my friends judge me. If all matches pattern – we’re cool. ” Competition. My child needs to be smarter, stronger, better than other children, or at least to look like that. After all, I too strive to be smarter, stronger…. Continue reading

Books for parents
  Dear friends, this page contains list, which included the famous book for parents about parenting and the relationship with the child. These books are read by many thousands of…

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Parents and children: a joint game
  Many parents get along well with children, care about them, but I can not enter into their fantasy world to become closer to them and understand children better. The…