Cheat sheet for parents "Crazy – Art look at the situation from another point of view – one of the most important art of worldly wisdom. PERSONAL VALUE CAN…

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The effects on children
On the influence of the full moon on the body The moon affects humans? Some are skeptical, others submit my life to the lunar calendar. Who is right? Remember the…

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Parents and children: a joint game


Many parents get along well with children, care about them, but I can not enter into their fantasy world to become closer to them and understand children better. The main thing is to return to childhood, to start to play games for children in the literal sense.

How parents can become great partners to the children in the game? Let the game goes the way, and give your child the opportunity to take a leading role.

“It may seem strange, but I completely forgot how to play. I realized this only when my 5-year-old daughter Nastya asked me to play with her Princess. She handed me two dolls – Cinderella and Snow white, and then looked at me and said, “Let them talk»»,- says Natalia, housewife, 30 years.

«I have tried to build a dialogue between the puppets, but it was hard. The daughter was clearly upset about it», – says Natalya. “I felt the same way, and it happened much earlier. Whenever Nastya asked me to build a Fort or play at a restaurant, my gut reaction was always the same: “should I?”, – continues the story Nastia’s mother.

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Why children lie and how to fight it
  No matter how much we wanted to see their children truthful, from time to time they have to state that children, like adults, lying. Lie children of all ages,…

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The Harm and benefit of computer games
  Computer games have become part of our life, occupying a place of honor leader among the many ways the organization of youth recreation. Virtual reality beckons with its limitless…