MOM, I'm SCARED! EDA Le Shan. When your child drives you crazy
  I was standing near the escalator and suddenly noticed a young mother who tried to force her daughter to stand on a moving stage. The child, who looked about…

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Why we love to play
People love to play, it is an indisputable fact. Not everybody is the same, but the one who really knows how and loves to play, and live better, and reach…

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Parents and children: a joint game


Many parents get along well with children, care about them, but I can not enter into their fantasy world to become closer to them and understand children better. The main thing is to return to childhood, to start to play games for children in the literal sense.

How parents can become great partners to the children in the game? Let the game goes the way, and give your child the opportunity to take a leading role.

“It may seem strange, but I completely forgot how to play. I realized this only when my 5-year-old daughter Nastya asked me to play with her Princess. She handed me two dolls – Cinderella and Snow white, and then looked at me and said, “Let them talk»»,- says Natalia, housewife, 30 years.

«I have tried to build a dialogue between the puppets, but it was hard. The daughter was clearly upset about it», – says Natalya. “I felt the same way, and it happened much earlier. Whenever Nastya asked me to build a Fort or play at a restaurant, my gut reaction was always the same: “should I?”, – continues the story Nastia’s mother.

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