Parents and children: a joint game
  Many parents get along well with children, care about them, but I can not enter into their fantasy world to become closer to them and understand children better. The…

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Parents and children. The struggle for power
All parents encounter situations when neither confrontation, nor to changes in the environment do not affect the behavior of their child; the child continues to do what is not convenient…

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Computer games in children


“Computer games in the lives of children of senior preschool and younger school age”

1. The differences between computer games from traditional

Modern children, choosing between traditional and computer games, often prefer the latter. In terms of content, the computer games are in many respects similar to traditional, but they also have fundamental differences:

– many computer games are based on the principle of gradual complication of gaming and didactic tasks, like holding the child in the “zone of proximal development”;

– “phasing” in the programme, often allows the child to progress to the next stage without performing the tasks of the previous level. In some games you can use “menu” to arbitrarily choose the level of difficulty of the job. In other games, the program adapts to the child and offers him a new job with the light of his previous answers: more complicated if the jobs are successful, and Vice versa; Continue reading

Methodology – Interaction parent – child

The technique is intended for diagnostics of interaction between parents and children. The questionnaire allows us to determine not only the evaluation of one party — the parents, but also the vision of interaction with the other side — from the position of children.

Description of the method

Questionnaire “Interaction parent – child” is a “mirror” and contains two parallel forms: for parents and for children. In addition, there are two versions of the questionnaire:

Option for Teens and their parents;

Option for parents of preschool children and Junior pupils.

Thus, the questionnaire has three forms: one baby and two adults, 60 questions each.

The text of the questionnaire includes 10 scales – criteria to assess the interaction of parents with children. For each scale version of the questionnaire for adolescents have equal number of questions, except for two, which allocates the majority of researchers, and which can be considered basic in the parent-child relationship. This is the scale “autonomy-control” and “rejection-acceptance”, was composed of 10 statements, and in the rest of the scale — 5 claims. Continue reading

What to do with baby for a walk at different times of the year Batista poradnytsia


In the fall of the year is very exciting to jump into a pile of leaves and make it colorful fireworks. Moreover, the rustling of fallen leaves acts calming.

One of the most interesting classes in this time of year — the Assembly of the herbarium.

Arrange a walk “Magical nature”, which is to not simply walk and observe and listen to the sounds around: the rustling of leaves underfoot, the birds chirping. Search, find beautiful leaves, the buds and twigs. You can arrange a competition, who loudly it rattled the leaves, who can find the biggest leaf, who will find the red leaf, etc.

Particularly popular game “Leaves”. With the baby gather leaves of different trees, thus necessarily determined and is called the tree from which the leaves fell.

Returning home from a walk, you can collect a bouquet of beautiful foliage, fruit of the ash tree branches with pinecones, grass. Arriving home, put your bouquet in a vase.

When you go to the site to make it more interesting this way, ask them riddles or learn with him poems about autumn.

And what luck will bring the process of creating the trough, daily feeding birds, watching our smaller brethren. This activity with the child will contribute Continue reading