How to deal with postpartum depression
  You need to understand that the condition of postpartum depression is normal for mothers, especially if the child is their first child. Every mother should be aware of this…

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Parents and children. The struggle for power
All parents encounter situations when neither confrontation, nor to changes in the environment do not affect the behavior of their child; the child continues to do what is not convenient…

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Your kid likes to get together for a walk?

Hello everyone! I am so sick of these calls every time we start to gather on the street.

Ilya never liked to dress up, but when he was very young, not even a lump crawling is dissatisfaction at the time of dressing I could understand, also can be understood when I had to wear a bunch of stuff. I think, well when you’re my age, you’ll understand that we’re going outside to walk around, and will love to dress up their things to bring. Well, well, what am I naive mother was!

As soon as Ilya understands that we are starting to gather to walk, he immediately is an important lesson, well, he asks to eat, although just ate. Today, for example, grabbed a toy with which he has not played for a long time, and began to play with her, with one eye, as I prepared his clothes. And most importantly plays with such passion, with such activity. Anything comes up, but would not get dressed.

I start to explain that we go outside, we’ll ride on the swings, gather chestnuts, play with your children, ride the slide, etc. He nods, agrees with me, but as soon as I ask him whether he will go to walk, immediately waved his head, with cries of noooo, well, if I start to wear, squealing the whole apartment.

So dress up every time for a walk. Although from the street it will not be turned out as soon as we go into the entrance, we pass his favorite boxes that must be checked for the presence of paper (mail, advertising pamphlets), then starts screaming, and he further refuses to rise. Go home, he doesn’t want to undress. And what to do with it, don’t know… Maybe someone had such problem, as fought?

Finally my dream came true and we bought a juicer. At first I was prepared juices every day, and even twice gripped, then every other day, and all because of laziness that overcomes me, at the thought that after juicing, wash and wipe dry the juicer. And besides, except for me, our family juice nobody likes. Husband best mineral water to drink, and Elijah, for some reason refuses juice, preferring tea, juice or plain water.

We began repairs, but rather it had never ended, we just stopped. That room that was not renovated since the construction of the house itself, was the nursery of the child. For him there was the expanse, the room is empty, no furniture, one TV and mehaniki table, on which stood a flower.

Ilya had to move to our bedroom. He himself with pleasure, but without understanding what is happening endured all their toys, put everything in its place, and began to play at a new place. The only thing he really really didn’t like it when daddy took away his favorite bike and a horse in the garage, because for them in the same room has no place. Some toys and things at the time moved in with her grandmother, what Ilya is very happy when coming to visit her.

Another disadvantage, which is not really like our Pope, is the fact that the child, getting up in the morning, immediately goes to play with her toys, and especially don’t like, but rather interferes with sleep, when Ilya starts to play with musical toys.

Before the repair, he quietly got up, I closed the door to the bathroom, where he continued to sleep with daddy, and went to wash up and eat Breakfast, and then play. And then toys in the face, well here to pass by, there he is right behind their cars and grabbing.

Favourite word at the moment – “uncle”. Whatever you ask, all uncle. Sometimes goes funny. Ilya even wants to sleep with uncle. If he spilled something or dropped, my question is who did it, is responsible uncle, so solemn, and it is accompanied by shouting and the sound of AI-Yai-Yai.

On the week was the day when Elijah never wanted to fall asleep during the day, what I just did, tried to persuade, not wants and that’s it. An hour and a half sleep, and did not work, all worn out, and sent to walk with dad. To my surprise the next afternoon, the child was acting completely normal, not capricious, not to doze off, behaved normally, as if slept during the day. In the evening went at the usual time, though putting the left instead of the usual 15-20 minutes, 3 minutes, and the child fell asleep. I, of course loved it, but I think NAPs are very important, and therefore I will try to put it a day. The days that followed Ilya he was asked to sleep during the day, and fell asleep with no problems and long ukladyvai. What it was, did not understand, maybe the moon is not shining?

Favorite toys remain cars and tractors. Can long to Tinker with them, to roll back and forth across the room, throw in a sofa, make of cars a locomotive with wagons, etc., His imagination has no limits, all the time something comes up. Favorite activity to carry chestnuts on the truck to give him a ride to the tractor, and upload it to the chestnuts.

Not to rest until all the chestnuts. and we have a lot, don’t carry him to the right place. However this is not an easy lesson, he needs the viewer, i.e., he calls me, tells me of the village (“Syas”) on the carpet beside him, and watched the process, but did not touch anything that might help, if you can’t handle falling from the tractor chestnuts.

She also loves to play with the designer, dropped on the floor the entire constructor, and begins to assemble it again, especially in honor of the pyramid, and the higher the beam.

Earlier preferred to build me a garage for cars from the designer, and now halfway through the construction breaks and scatters it.

Loves to help me hang the Laundry, machine washed, immediately rushing into the tub, and calls me. Together we take out the Laundry from machines in the basin, but are we with him this lingerie in the machine was stuffed. Then go this underwear to hang, he gives me things, and I hung on the dryer, then it will be the basin in the bath, but before that be sure to sit in it, but only after it takes with such a happy face, full of happiness and pride that he helped me.

Our potted shifts, I generally encouraging. Ilya always calls me when she has to pee. Although earlier name was only halfway, so the second part he finished on the potty. And now shouts in the apartment “Kaka, Mama Kaka”! Why we loved doing these things on the street, so we immediately had to stop walking, what little we did not walk, and run home to wash. I am glad that this habit was. Sometimes accidents happen during daytime sleep, but it’s my fault, because I sometimes forget to sit on the potty before bed, allowing sleep to blow half a bottle of compote. He writes with an interval somewhere in 40 minutes, an hour max, but if they drink juice, every 10-15 minutes.

It remains to wait when Elijah himself will ask to pee, then we’ll get the diaper on at all. And so have to wear it on walks, because while walking there were accidents, and now it’s too cold to go under a Bush or run home with wet pants. Have a night put on a diaper, but in the morning he always dry, because Ilya wakes up in the middle of the night, and we go to the potty. Apparently it’s my fear or determination not to abandon the diapers and at night too. Yes and you don’t want to change wet clothes in the middle of the night, in accident cases. The wait-S.

Ilya already recovered, all the disease lasted only two days. Don’t know what it was, or so I quickly started treatment, and did not go further, or it was a slight cold, I don’t know. But then I got sick and. I really hope that it will be as quickly as Ilya.

Again I wish you health!

Parents and children. The struggle for power
All parents encounter situations when neither confrontation, nor to changes in the environment do not affect the behavior of their child; the child continues to do what is not convenient…

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Interpersonal relations in the family and their influence on the formation of personality and behavior in children
The relevance of interpersonal relations in the family and their influence on the formation of personality and behavior in children is: a very important factor and emotional balance mental health…