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Why officials decided to pick up three daughters in foster care from Belgorod?

What is better, an orphanage or foster home? On this, as it turned out ambiguous the question trying to answer the guardianship in the Belgorod region. There in a difficult situation, there were three girls that took care of the family Raven.

What is better, an orphanage or foster home? On this, as it turned out ambiguous the question trying to answer the guardianship in the Belgorod region. There in a difficult situation, there were three girls that took care of the family Raven.

After another check revealed that the baby does not receive the necessary care and education. At the same time, assure foster parents that love their children and are ready to appeal against the decision of the court that the girls they had taken back to the shelter.

When Masha, Nastya and Dasha was brought to children’s social rehabilitation center, teachers wondered – why? Here the children live with complex fate from disadvantaged families. And these girls were raised in abundance, though, and foster, but seemingly loving parents. But as soon as the psychologists to talk to each of them, it all became clear.

Irina Centurion, a teacher-psychologist of the social rehabilitation center of Belgorod: “the Girl is not developed. Masha seven years old, she is not ready for school. She doesn’t know elementary things. Does not distinguish color, no account, no letter. It was evident that they were not engaged”.

Foster parents, Galina and Victor, they say that still can’t accept the fact that children were taken away. Assure that their family is almost exemplary. In addition to foster Masha, Nastya and Dasha at the Raven – four of his own son, and the girls supposedly had everything we needed, including attention.

Victor and Galina Voronova: “I’m drawn to them! Yes we all life children gave! And as they sing, when I take them from kindergarten!”

The fact that girls still cannot read or write, Galina explains the presence of a serious disease. For example, Maria has a delay in development, this is a confirmed diagnosis.

Galina Voronov: “Mother left her, like a piece of meat. Galina Mikhailovna of this child, who was afterwards discovered syndrome Cornelia de Lange – mental and physical underdevelopment – that this child has made Lebedenko. Masha have such a sensitive, gentle”.

The guardianship of the Belgorod region for this family see for a long time. Natalia Sokolova personally came to Voronov and was horrified by what children all the time with bruises. Galina assured girls restless, falling. But examination showed that the marks of the blows.

Natalia Sokolova, the leading expert of Department of guardianship and guardianship of administration of the Belgorod: “the Bruises were. Were more than once. Here we have a thick folder – since 2005, these cases can be traced”.

Specialists from the Department of trusteeship noticed that foster girls are wearing worn-out clothes by size, sleep in Cribs, of which grew long. But the first-grader Dasha even no place to do homework.

Sergey Andreev, head of the Department of health and social protection G. Belgorod: “the next time you visit the next time we saw desire Galina Mikhailovna to normalize the situation. Sleeps as they were, and remained. Workplace for the older girls and was not equipped. Galina did not fulfill the requirements of the guardianship”.

As a result, the contract with the foster family has terminated, the girls were sent to a rehabilitation center. Galina Voronov decided on extreme measures – sued for the guardianship with the requirement to return the children. She even filmed a touching goodbye scene with foster daughters, and wanted to present this film at the meeting as proof of their mutual love.

But the court found evidence of the guardianship more convincing. And decided that in this house, girls will not come back.

The family Raven have a few days to challenge the decision of the court. But the guardianship of the Belgorod region are already looking for Nastya, Masha and Dasha other adoptive families.

Guest-in-Studio – lawyer charity to support families with many children, single-parent and foster families Olga Budaeva.

Presenter: How to protect your children, if they offend the guardians or foster parents, and what about those who are willing to give their love child from the orphanage? This will tell the lawyer charity to support families with many children, single-parent and foster families Olga Budaeva.

So, where to go, where to complain, if you see that your neighbors hurt kids?

Guest: If the neighbors hurt kids, we need to appeal to the Commission on minors ‘ Affairs, to call, to report that, for example, in our yard more than a week the child is unsupervised, we know that the child, for example, from so-and-so’s apartment, but he does not study there, all the way to the late evening on the street. If you see that no reaction has gone, then you can write a statement.

Moderator: let’s clarify for those who want somehow to help orphans, what is the difference between guardianship, patronage and adoption?

Guest: Custody, most often means a free form child in a family, but still the state has a right to monitor the child’s life before his eighteenth birthday. Adoption is a full adoption of a child into their family, in fact as a child. And patronage is a short – form of custody, from three months to one year.

Presenter: How the government helps in these different cases: in the custody, under the patronage and in adoption?

Guest: the care the state provides money for child support, that is, on food, on clothing, on any of his needs. Five or six thousand to fifteen in Moscow. In the Moscow region, for example, it depends on the age of the child. The foster family is actually work for remuneration. Patronage is also work for remuneration.

Presenter: For trusteeship and patronage what documents are needed?

Guest: you Must pass the doctors, the necessary documents on criminal record, need to show their worth and need to show their living conditions, you have yours.

After the application and all documents have been collected within three days you must come bodies of guardianship and guardianship and write a report on the inspection of housing conditions. Then within two weeks they must give you a conclusion about the possibility of being an adoptive parent, foster parent or guardian.

Moderator: Can a single person be eligible to become a foster parent, lonely woman, lonely man?

Guest: of Course, not prohibited in the law, on the contrary, please.

Presenter: Salary and housing – what they should be, are there any rules that should be man, that he had the right to adopt a child?

Guest: People should earn enough so that he could support yourself and the child. That is, if, for example, on average in Moscow ten thousand roubles minimum income, respectively, about 18-20 thousand he should earn.

The meters there are certain subtleties. That is, if you, say, live in a Studio apartment, you one, and you want to take a boy of ten years, it is likely you can not give, because the occupancy of a single room opposite-sex people and over nine years of age is not recommended.

Presenter: Representatives of children’s homes are required to give full information about their child’s health?

Guest: If you have a direction to this child, they are obligated under law to give you detailed information about this child. And about his health and about his financial status, everything.

Those who want to take in a family of another child, experts advise to first take care of or patronage – and to the baby itself and the members of his future family shopped and got used to each other.

By the way, and for the care and patronage, and for adoption will need to collect a lot of papers. Need help about your health and documents about the criminal record, as well as income certificate, proving that you can support the child.

By the way, can adopt the child and lonely man. However, if you have a Studio apartment, you will not be allowed to take the child of the opposite sex.

If you are not ready to permanently take the child into your family, please fill out the so-called guest patronage – then you will be allowed to take the baby to her for the holidays or at the weekend. Another way to help abandoned children – to work as a volunteer. For example, you can drive the orphanages to exhibitions or to do lessons with them.

Before the adoption officials are required to provide expectant parents with all the information about the health of the child and his property. However, before you make a decision, you have the right to independently perform a full medical examination of the baby.