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The Child does not want to Wake up in the morning and go to kindergarten. How to explain to a child that no one asks?

Well, you give! First you need to det the garden with educators to understand! and you need to be able to protect her child! what if it hurt him!

Between sleep and waking there is an intermediate, so-called “prooecia” state. Experts explain this by the effect of sleep inertia, i.e. after sleep the human brain takes time to fully Wake up and start operation. Therefore, the revival should be slow and calm, all the parents ‘ actions and sounds – soft and gentle. You can include soft your favorite music, dim lights, Pat the baby and softly call his name. It would be even better if you create a ritual of awakening, to hug and kiss the baby, to ask how he slept and I dreamed. Due to this, the child will develop a reflex pleasant Wake-up. The day went well and the child felt cheerful, useful to teach him to do even in bed a few exercises and pulling. After a few minutes, when a child is fully awake, you can call it in a normal voice, include cheerful, happy music. Send it to brush your teeth and wash, without reminders he can about it and forget. It is also important that the morning schedule was full. Don’t be sorry baby, so he’s still got some sleep and delay recovery. Better to get up an hour earlier, and without worry and fuss to assemble peacefully. How not to Wake the child: • to Wake the child a sharp commanding voice or cry;

• to turn on loud music or alarm;

• to turn on bright led light;

• to Wake up in a hurry and rush the child.

Don’t be nervous themselves. Try not to scream and not to spoil the mood of the child, even if it is difficult for him to get up — he will feel guilty and the morning would be a constant stress. Even if they did not sleep well and got off on the wrong foot, can not stand the irritation on the baby, force yourself to be friendly and patient.

The routine you need to comply strictly. Children easily accept the usual routine and usually not riot if they strictly say that we have always done, you know the procedure, etc. need to Put in time and motivate them to visit the garden. Negative reinforcement (yelling, threats, intimidation) — is not working.

I explained to the child. we all go to work. and his job is to walk in the garden. to listen to the teacher. not to indulge. to and I and dad were calm. That is to prepare him for school. And most importantly make him the mode of the day. Get used to it. and will myself to get up …And you need to ask him …if you want to grow. not …which can each be pushed around.

Water pour?

No need to talk, had to be dragged without options!

The horror! don’t listen to the previous answer! My advice: be interested, to say that there today he learns something new, come wizard, etc. etc. but if you want to scream and force, the child will remain a stutterer and hate and you and the garden and this vile life))) You are a parent! Don’t hit the child!

it is necessary to ensure that the child was listening to you, sometimes it is necessary to patricipate, you can for a little eyelet to pull, just not much, but if you’ll Lisp you neck sits and will be very razvaliny

Maybe the point is that in the garden with him mistreated. Not thought about this issue. And then we used the current command, and not to listen! Another thing if he «home» and therefore it is hard for him to go there. I am home and their children will educate himself, looking at what is happening in kindergartens horrified. For the future try to educate children through friendly conversations, not orders or penalties.

And then the child will grow and will put you in a retirement home and ask if you will be there or not.

My sister in the family was similar. One example of the struggle with a bad habit — on improvisation played with her husband scene: the dialogue between mother and father in the presence of a child that don’t want to go to work; and eat something; well, well, well, have to go to the dump to collect scraps; long argued (with a straight face) to a tank (container). daddy tank on the right, mother — on the left, and you Sasha and to be the best — Central; began to instruct his son — what to look for and choose in the garbage and what not to eat, because they can be poisonous; fantasized about clothes and toys from the garbage, etc. Whilst bulling, Sonny took off to his room, yourself quickly got dressed and began to rush parents to take him to kindergarten.

There were other funny situations. Love child and «dance» here. In any case — threats, conditions, pressure on the conscience.

my two sons went into the garden, as if I was their there forever leave. When I left for work, they looked after me as if for the last time ( the difference in children 13 years). In the last year, just before school was not led in their children. garden, they have their own time at home alone… the eldest son, then just a little. Get back from work, home all right, igrushechki stacked, ate, washed the dishes ( as I could of course) and hitting the books. Well they did not like my kindergarten, were not accustomed to gregarious collectivism. By the way the eldest has already graduated with honors from the University, and a Junior with some experience first class. And nothing kindergarten will not be needed, I am with them the letters were taught to read and count. They did not even remember about kindergarten time.

Tell him that You also don’t want to work, but you have and you go, and for him the garden — work. It is necessary, then it is necessary.

What is there to say — one and all.

I am convinced that the case in kindergarten. If your child is active and curious, and you don’t wear gifts, they create an environment that the child is psychologically unable to go there. If he was happy there, calm and curious, it before you would get up and would have fled there. Uncomfortable it there explicitly.

what do you mean no one asks. learn to see in it, also a PERSON! I was preparing to rise the night before. outlining the bright prospects of tomorrow…

The child stood without tears himself, he needs to sleep, t, e in 21h to sleep, then he wakes up at 7 am. Morning-quiet musoni. Let them drink tea, watch cartoons. Now it’s time to work. Explain that he has a job to go to kindergarten. In the evening you earned money on something small and nice buy. And praise. And talk more in the evening than in the morning. Remember, what comes in the garden of a child, so his day will pass. And I need to sleep, then in the morning nothing is so annoying.

And can still find out the reason first? Well, for example – beat the children, the teacher angry, etc. And the views of the child. though small must be taken into account, maybe He Already PERSONALITY

To take in his arms and carry into the garden. Why bother to explain something?

Maybe the problem is not the child, but the fact that they’re being abused. Talk to him calmly. And if not, Tell me that when he goes to kindergarten, he earns money. And if it is always to go there and behave well, it will work on any toy, or what you are fond of) it worked)

you can tell the child that if he will go to kindergarten then you buy something and etc)

So do not want that NO one ASKS. But you HAVE to ask — maybe it hurt him ?

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