The effects on children
On the influence of the full moon on the body The moon affects humans? Some are skeptical, others submit my life to the lunar calendar. Who is right? Remember the…

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Your kid likes to get together for a walk?
Hello everyone! I am so sick of these calls every time we start to gather on the street. Ilya never liked to dress up, but when he was very young,…

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24 rules for moms of boys – the Answer to everything

1. Teach your son to put into words what he feels.

The kid can scream in frustration, to hide from embarrassment, biting excitement and crying from fear. Explain to him that it is emotions that tell the body how to behave. Show him other people who feel the same, but Express their emotions differently. Talk with your child about your own emotions. When he one day will grow, you will know the difference between rage and embarrassment, disappointment and grief, and learn to cope with their emotions and Express them intelligently, without shame and without guilt.

2. Be the biggest fan of his child.

Most likely, you will confuse your son that will start to sing his high school rock band on a family holiday or will show his baby pictures girls, to collect the most stupid (it is, of course, opinion) certificates, awards and achievements, writing in his blog that he had problems in school and so on. Most likely, he will say: “come on, mom, stop!”. He will blush, but know that there is at least one person who ALWAYS roots for him.

3. Teach your son to clean up after themselves, cook, wash socks and ironed shirts.

Maybe he’ll never come in handy, but one day his wife will be grateful to you.

4. Read to him and with him.

Children become readers on the lap of their parents. The child needs to see that you also read. Tell him about what you read. About their favorite books and characters. Explain to him why it is so important to read books. And read together and then discuss what you read, think out, invent, draw your favorite fairy tales – teach your child to be an active reader.

5. Encourage him dancing!

Music, rhythm and dance – it is a universal language, understood by all. And the free possession of the body, a necessary skill for harmonious development. Dance along with your child, praise him awkward PA!

6. Make sure that before him there are examples of good people – smart, brave, strong, talented, and honest.

Tell him about the great writers, travelers, explorers, scientists, artists, astronauts, the photographers, the artists, etc. About how they lived, and what it cost them to achieve success. Not only on men but also on women. And that inner beauty is often more important than external.

7. Be an example of such a person.

You are already a superhero – it’s true, don’t doubt it for a second. But every day prove to his young son, that you are beautiful, smart and honest. You – his perfect woman, the rest of the sample.

8. Teach your son some manners: say thank you and please to shake hands with women, to offer help, to give way, etc. It will make the world around you a little better.

9. Give him something to believe.

Your boy will feel fear or anxiety, pain or grief or just to need you when you are not near. Give him something that he can call when he feels lonely, that he knew – that he would never be alone. Never.

10. Teach him that sometimes you have to be very gentle – to little children, animals, colours and feelings of others.

11. Give him a chance to ruin a lot of things that he’ll just ruin.

If you will be upset every time your boy come home in dirty and torn clothes – you join a losing battle. Do not waste energy on anger to the inevitable – boys learn about the world, climbing trees and fences, jumping in puddles, spilling and falling. Is the order of things.

12. Get carried away with his interests – learn all the intricacies of football and learn the names of the players of your favorite team, and best team, learn all the songs of your favorite band or the names of the different engines, understand the difference between Gryffindor and Slytherin, or learn how to draw pandas. Be an active participant in his life, not a bystander.

13. Step out together into the street.

Turn off the TV, unplug the video games, put the phone on charge and put away the camera. Just go outside and follow your baby, look at him, explore his reaction, ask questions. It’s like magic, try it.

14. Let him lose.

However desirable, your child will not be able to be a winner always. You say, “You’re a winner, because I was trying”, but he never thinks and feels disappointed. Which is good, because sometimes life throws these curves, from which we are struggling to protect our children. But this practice is useful to him later, when he loses again (and again and again and again and again. ). Teach him that sometimes he wins and sometimes loses. But this does not mean that we should give up.

15. Give him the opportunity to help others.

There is a big difference between what to give the opportunity to help and get help. To give the opportunity – is to light the flame in the heart which will one day Shine like a bonfire will light up the whole world. Be an example yourself – help each other.

16. Explain to him that to achieve excellence practice helps.

This applies not only to sports or music, but of everything in life. Cultivate good habits that will help already a grown man with ease to cope with everything in life.

17. Answer him when he asks, “Why?”.

Answer him or look for the answer together. Show him where to find the answer (ask dad, grandma, grandpa, encyclopedias, or the Internet). Ask him another question, he began to think. If ever, it will be too embarassed to ask you about something – he will know where to look for the answer.

18. Papa will teach him the most important things.

If you let dad be immersed in the process of raising a child from the very beginning, ever the son formed the correct opinion: his dad knows EVERYTHING. You will always be loved by his mother, but daddy for boy – a special person who knows the answers to all the questions.

19. Give him something to release the energy — drums, punching bag, open space, water or dog. Give him something, so he could rage and “crazy” — or he will use something of yours, then very sorry.

22. Take it with you anywhere and everywhere . to work, to meet friends, to travel. Every new place opens his heart, makes you think and leaves memories.

23. Kiss and hug him!

Any mother of sons will tell you that little boys are very loving and gentle. They can be harsh, wild and destructive force in all day, but there are times when they are very kind, gentle and sensitive. So kiss and hug your child when he was 2 months or 16 years, and especially when he is naughty and naughty. Don’t be afraid to grow out of sissy – the boys are very much in need of love! And make sure he knows that mom can kiss his son, no matter how big it is and where they are.

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