Foster child: fears and doubts
the First in this year meeting of the club of foster parents and adoptive parents, organized by the Department of social projects that was, as they say, with a Bang.…

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What to do with baby for a walk at different times of the year Batista poradnytsia
  In the fall of the year is very exciting to jump into a pile of leaves and make it colorful fireworks. Moreover, the rustling of fallen leaves acts calming.…

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Why we love to play

People love to play, it is an indisputable fact. Not everybody is the same, but the one who really knows how and loves to play, and live better, and reach more. The game not only helps to distract, it reveals our creative features, gives you the opportunity to surpass yourself.

People are coming up with an increasing number of games, especially fertile soil was the development of computer technology, where the game is limited only by the imagination of the inventor. Building new rides and amusement parks, quizzes and competitions, popular sports. And world games secretly attracted to your circles not only children but also adults. In fact the last couple of decades has involved in the game a very large number of adults. You can call it degradation, a return to its infantile tendencies, or a desire to escape from real problems, or to indulge one’s inner self, or rather, his child side. The game introduces us to another state of consciousness – detachment and in no way eclipsed delight. It relieves tension, helps to feel the spiritual ascent. The games are created to fill us with positive emotions and energy.

An experiment was conducted in which some managers were asked to allow to play games in the workplace. The results were completely unexpected People began to work more productively and efficiently, when it appeared the game element. It applies to any person who is not just cyclase on the job, and brings to his work the element of the game. Believe me, psychologists are quite long and unsuccessfully searched for the company, who agreed to this experiment. But now it is part of a corporate culture of many organizations. Although today many large businesses and organizations spend a lot of effort and money to “clean” the employees ‘ computers from everything that relates to the work. Society rejects every kind of activity in the workplace, which is not profitable. Although gambling was encouraged, because they offer a chance to enrich themselves.

But we have a really important needs. Today, people have found a new model of behavior associated with rampant industrialization. It is that if you wish to be taken seriously, you need to have a sad appearance, speaking without emotion, to be able to repeat the same thing many times, even if you don’t understand, like a robot. But the ideal worker and should be robot-like. It is believed that a grown man never cries, laughs and smiles, no emotions. But you know, quite the opposite. People succumbing to this is possible as more passive and prone to fatalism. But a creative person plays with reality, knowing that it’s flexible and agile, they can play with it, it is possible to create. We deprive ourselves of the chance to change lives, if you are too serious in it. But it is not serious because Dana at the time.

Play – does not mean to be childish and infantile. This is our natural manifestation of the inner world. This is not a degradation, but a very important need of the human person to maintain a healthy psyche and to be able to create. If you don’t play, we lose our emotions and begin to think in patterns. Even children in the game not only develop and learn about the world, they enter the model of human relationships. And the adults in the game realize their creative potential, which is often not possible to realize in life. The difference between child’s play and adult in diametrically opposed goals. A child plays to develop and explore the world, adult plays, to escape from the world and to surpass myself.

Games can be classified according to their psychological funkcial

All games, despite their variety and diversity, can be divided by the psychological functions they perform, in 4 parts. It was an accident, competitiveness, simulation and vertigo.


A subset of games that fulfill the role of competition. Here is the initial equation the chances of success, and opponents compete in equal conditions, which are provided artificially and to determine the winner. It can be games such as football or tennis, or any game where opponents initially have the same resources and capacity. This can be, for example, Billiards, checkers or chess.


Is the name of a dice game in Latin. Here depends on the player not all, there is an element of randomness which should be able to turn in their favor, focusing on time in the setting. Game where all involved in the accident, are usually on the money in the slot machines. Here the man plays not only with the enemy, but also to the fate. In these games, not trying to establish justice, on the contrary, tend to draw the injustice of fate in victory. Classic example: roulette, dice games, baccarat, lotteries.


The name itself suggests the meaning. In essence you are copying a certain character, or animal, an object. Take the carnival. There is no one trying to convince others that he is real and not a fictional character. On the contrary, everyone is trying to scare others, and take advantage of the freedom that gives a secret lurking under the mask and costume. After all, an actor playing a role, not trying to convince the viewer that he is a true hero. It all depends on the viewer.


In Greek it means “swirl”. These games are the ones that have “to turn the head of” unexpected action or turn. It can be various attractions, for example, “roller coaster”, or dancing, and maybe calm, like a waltz, but able to turn the head. Such a pleasure you can get from riding the sea “tablet” fast driving in an open car, downhill skiing.

The game in “Watch” has become popular among urban residents, saving them from everyday life. Therefore, it has many adherents. To drive through the city, performing various tasks, to get to places you had no idea that they are in your town may be, it deprives of sense of reality, and introduces you to a different, mysterious and intriguing world.

Perhaps the chief charm of any game is that the player has no age. When you play with children, may feel as alive, emotional and naive as they are. Can spontaneously Express emotions, without thinking about the consequences. When a person is confused, or unhappy, very useful it is to listen to your inner child and play the game, to even imagine that life – it’s a game. So for you to get your peace of mind and balance. Adults tend to be limited in a cube of fear and prejudice. The child is limited only by adults fears and prejudices. But you’re an adult child, and is free to follow its own rules, having crossed the border.

Games prolong youth. We’re getting old, when you walk in the way of old age, which themselves create. Actually you’re getting old when you think about losing health attractiveness, opportunities. Grow old when you stop playing.

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