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Lessons for a child in 8 months: how to develop 8 month toddler


Growing up, the child will require more attention. For the harmonious development it is necessary to constantly engage. What are the lessons for a child to spend 8 months a doting mom, they teach your pet, as control its development?

What is it, 8 month old

In 8 months the child actively learns, he became very curious and learned to show the character. He has teeth, even though they are still four-to-six, but he is now eating almost “adult” food. His sleep during the day is about 14 hours, and he continues to eat every 4 hours. He was a little heavy, it weighs a little less than nine pounds.

The main thing that knows most of the kids in 8 months:

to stand myself up on hands;

to do several independent steps;

he himself sits down and sits for some time, which, incidentally, should not be long, because the baby is still immature muscle;

firmly grip in the hands of the items, shifting them from one hand to the other;

to throw objects;

plays in the “right”;

imitate adults;

plays well with toys;

highlights from around the most beloved;

the “shift” of sounds in syllables and repeat them, which is very useful for mental development.

This little chitraleka

Someone will say, well, what’s 8 month old baby character, and make a mistake. In this tender age the toddler knows what to do to succeed. Parents should be very patient ’ s just not possible to hide, but permissiveness will not lead to any good. Imposing a ban on any action your child, try to explain to him why you can’t do that. It is through conversation and explanation you can achieve results, categorical “no” will generate stubbornness.

How to develop 8 month toddler

The development of speech

What to do to help develop your baby’s speech? Talk to him, and as much as possible. This phrase should not be long, it is said, repeat several times. Show how cat meows, dog barks.

Acquaintance with objects

Curiosity – main feature toddler, so it is important lessons for a child in 8 months. it all catches “on the fly”. Please be eager to learn good. Oddly enough, but children in this period attracts kitchen utensils. They love to play with the pots, lids, bowls. Another favorite toy – the ball. Crawling behind him in the apartment, Malyshok develops their motor functions.

The book is also not left without attention. Looking at picture books, tell others about what you are drawn to pictures. It is better to choose those books where the whole page is one thing – toddler will learn new words. Great if applied to the picture poem.

Let the child be large, but low, a box of toys. It is so interesting “to dig”. Just remember about safety, keep away small, cutting and piercing objects. If there is a suspension, then Malyshok very confident, leaning on it. Laying on the sofa colourful toy, you can encourage him to walk along the sofa, to the toy.

The sounds that surround us

At this age children often may be frightened by sudden loud sound. To prevent this from happening, talk to your baby about different sounds, pay attention to them, giving a comment. It can be the sound of the phone, the doorbell, the sound of water from the tap, the rain outside the window, music or TV.

The development of the intellect of the child

For the intellectual development of Chad good games when he should repeat traffic mom. He can wave goodbye, to nod the head, and shaking. He likes to look at his reflection in the mirror, he smiles, touches his.

Feature of baby development 8 months you can call it a constant need for communication.

He warily looks at the strangers, afraid of them. You must help him to cope with fears, at least, taking hands. Do not expose your child to the stress, leaving him alone with the man he doesn’t know. Over time, the fears will pass away, he will get used to strangers.


As can be seen, with a child in 8 months require time and attention. But, they are so useful for development, that they should not be neglected. Good luck.