Mom, I'm scared...
  Childhood fears – almost a full component of their life – if only because, quite fearless children almost never occurs. To some extent this can probably be considered the…

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What to do when your child is lying?
  First, the child learns to speak, then he learns to speak the truth then to lie. And when this momentous event happens, parents can congratulate themselves - their child…

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Books for parents


Dear friends, this page contains list, which included the famous book for parents about parenting and the relationship with the child. These books are read by many thousands of parents worldwide and is recognized as the best assistants in the education of children – small and large, docile and not very. The book, in which you’ll find answers, tips, inspiration and strength.

Best books for parents about parenting

One of the best books that should be read by every mother. The book is written in the form of a confidential conversation with a young mother, in which the author sets up more thoughtfully and be sure to look at their child. Author – Janusz Korczak – an outstanding Polish teacher, has devoted his life to children. He remained faithful to them until death: refusing the possibility of escape from a Nazi ghetto, Janusz Korczak remained with her pupils, Jewish orphans, to the end and together they entered the gas chamber.

One of the best books on parenting. How to build a relationship with the child? How to get him to obey? Can I fix the relationship if they are deadlocked? You’ll find the answers to these and other questions, will learn how to solve them in practice in your life.

The continuation of the previous books of the author “to Communicate with the child. How?” In the new book discusses numerous issues related to the education of children, parents are concerned about: “How to educate? How to discipline? How to punish? How to make him study well?” Understand and explains important new details and techniques of the art of effective communication.

EDA Le Shan — psychologist, mother and grandmother, wise and responsive specialist – analyzes typical conflict situations that occur in almost every family, helps parents to quickly and accurately establish the causes of the negative behavior of the child. After reading this book, parents look at their children differently, and come to realize the meaning of parenting. This bestselling book for parents.

The best book on children from 0 to 6 years! Very funny and with a specific main idea. “Children are piranhas” :))) This book should be given in the antenatal clinic after the establishment of pregnancy. The book is very funny, no tenderness-about one-third of children-angels-the meaning of life moms. A very sensible and useful advice on many issues. And all the tips absolutely do not exclude a tender love for the child.

Nigel lugoff – psychologist with 20 years of experience, father of two sons and a recognized expert on “hopeless” cases. Read Nigel Latta, and your case is not hopeless! The author tells you how to survive in a family with a teenager and still remain sane. Although it is not necessary to bring the situation to the verge of despair. This book should be read by any parent, whether you’ve grown up your child or not. Because the kid will turn into a teenager very quickly, and strategies described in this book will help you to understand what is happening with your children and how you can help them.

Another book of the famous psychologist Nigel Latta. Often the relationship between a father and daughter are changing during puberty girls. Usually not for the better. Eventually the daughter away from the father. Maybe father away from her daughter? What they want for their daughters all fathers? Is it hard to find girls? As for her daughter to become a support and to teach her to be independent? — if you are a concerned parent, then this book is for you. If you are a concerned mother – recommend this book to my husband. Real solutions based on practical experience, an effective strategy rather than slogans and platitudes, and unfailing sense of humour, which helps even in dead-end situations.

Nigel lugoff with his characteristic calmness and humor relates to the problem of upbringing of sons. The first part of the book is particularly useful for anxious mothers, ready to listen to the advice of experts. A good author exposes myths and stereotypes. However, not Patriotic and American. In the second part shares the findings of his 20-year experience working with adolescents. In the first place, with the boys. “Synology. Mothers raising sons” considers the specific needs of boyish mindset and upbringing.

Book – in defence of parents, tortured by endless advice, sense of duty, lack of time and energy on “education”. Parents are people too, nobody wants to be angry, annoyed, guilty not established relationship. The authors propose to abandon the concept of “education” and start to be friends with your child, to understand it, to breathe them, just to love. In the book you will find many interesting tests, games and poems.

Survival guide for the modern Russian parents. The first book known child psychologist about modern Russian childhood, parents who grew up in Soviet times, forget or are too embarrassed to tell your kids. But, because there is so much to tell and explain! About poor and rich people, blacks, and dwarfs, about homeless people and selfish. And in General about what a still life is unexpected and sometimes even cruel. What to pick up words and sentences, how to explain to him about the insidiousness of life? We must learn to talk with your child about the meaning of life, about death, about God and the soul are available and simple language. The book not only for parents, a book for anyone interested in the issues of upbringing and wants to understand something very important and new about myself and this life.

Being a mom is not easy, but the most pleasant thing in the world. Use the advice from this book, you can be for their babies the best mum in the world. A book with tips for new mothers. The book gives advice not only on education. A lot of useful tips to be healthy, happy and a happy mom.

This book is reasonable, understandable, well and humorously written guide for parents on HOW to communicate with children from preschoolers to teenagers). No boring theory! Only proven practical advice and plenty of living examples for all occasions! The authors are world renowned experts in the field of relationships between parents and children share their personal experiences (each has three adult children) and the experience of many parents who have attended their seminars. The book will be of interest to anyone who wants to come to a full understanding with children and for all stop the “conflict of generations”.

Raising children, we often prefer hackneyed model and postulates. Follow them without even thinking about their mission, although their absurdity obvious. We believe that it is “right”, so it must be so accepted. Enough to deceive yourself and your child. Child does not have to match the expectations of their parents.

There is a wonderful native American proverb

The child is a guest in your house – feed, learn and let go.

Another book for parents that cannot be ignored

Read more about the book and you can DOWNLOAD it on another page of the site. To niga written by famous writer and psychotherapist Vladimir Levi.

How to save one joy of parenthood? How not to lose the spiritual connection with my own child, not away from him, not to raise a wall of misunderstanding and alienation.

His books, written in a lively, accessible, specifically, have been translated into dozens of languages.

If you want to get all the books at once (to download all the books in one archive), please complete the registration form, confirm your and you will immediately receive access to all the books from the above list.

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