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The effects on children

On the influence of the full moon on the body

The moon affects humans? Some are skeptical, others submit my life to the lunar calendar. Who is right?

Remember the school geography lessons, which taught that the tides in the seas and oceans are directly dependent on the phase of the moon. But man, as we know 80% water and this means that whether we like it or not, and the phases of the moon do have a certain impact on us. It manifests itself most acutely when the Earth satellite is in the phase of full moon.

People have long noticed that in this period, emotions are sharpened, the tides of joy or despair can arise suddenly, and the inexorable statistics show that the highest percentage of suicides occur at this time, as well as the exacerbation of various chronic diseases and primarily mental. No wonder the human imagination ascribes to increased activity at a time when there is a full moon, all sorts of undead: ghouls, ghouls, werewolves and witches.

Moon math

A lunar month consists of four phases: new moon, full moon . growing and waning moon. The first day of the moon marks the beginning of new moon. 7-8 lunar day of first quarter of the lunar month, full moon 14th and 17th day of the moon. Third quarter – 22 and 23 lunar days. Fourth quarter – the end of the lunar month.

If you decided to analyze its state from the point of view of lunar phases, better buy a lunar calendar in which you can clearly see all the days.

What to expect at the full moon?

Hardly the full-moon night in the window knock a vampire with a request to admit. This do not wait. Besides not everyone is “given” to feel the influence of light, whereas those who such happiness has dropped out, it’s different. But one thing in common.

First of all “suffering” nervous system, especially in people with delicate psyche. Many people are aggravated or changing reflexes, there is a surge in both positive and negative emotions: fatal doom, desperate joy, unexplainable phobias. Even the healthiest people these days complain of insomnia.

But not only on the mental processes and emotional state can be influenced by the moon. Numerous experiments (known since the time of Hippocrates) prove that the moon is full for a reduced rate of metabolism in the body . it also adversely affects the condition of the blood, due to the acceleration of biochemical processes. The conclusion is simple: these days it is better not to assign actions. Firstly, happen more often bleeding, which is difficult to stop, and secondly, the healing process will occur over a long period of time. But the cleansing of the body these days will be most effective.

Hard to get past the full moon people with heart disease and hypertensive patients: a stable job of the heart is disrupted, and the amount of fluid in the tissues increases.

Increases the risk of gastrointestinal diseases and poisoning, due to the intensification of the life of various viruses and microbes. In addition, experts say, drugs at this time less effective, increasing the risk of side effects.

Moon-moon love-love…

There is another interesting feature of the full moon . at this time accelerates the passage of a Mature egg through the fallopian tube and enters the uterus, that is, in those few days when there is full moon, the possibility of conception is increased manyfold. This is the condition of the body is supported by the increased attraction to the opposite sex, so be warned, those who are protected from unwanted pregnancy, and catch these days, those seeking to conceive.

Is it possible to defend against the full moon?

Don’t leave it to chance and don’t be a fatalist, attributing all problems to the light, much depends on you, your behavior in this period.

Better not to drink at this time alcohol: the psyche reacts to all sharp, and the protective mechanisms of the body are reduced. Even if you are invited to an important event and may not “take a SIP”, limit, for example, a glass of wine.

Spare your sanity and do not load it additionally watching horror films, crime news, and some particularly sensitive and emotional natures and conventional enough to get stress. Temporarily give up this dubious pleasure – take care of yourself.

The same can be said about the contact with unpleasant people: if you can’t give it up completely, try to reduce stress communication to a minimum.