Computer games in children
  "Computer games in the lives of children of senior preschool and younger school age" 1. The differences between computer games from traditional Modern children, choosing between traditional and computer…

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Your kid likes to get together for a walk?
Hello everyone! I am so sick of these calls every time we start to gather on the street. Ilya never liked to dress up, but when he was very young,…

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Fair game or let’s teach a child to play!


Parents of young children often deliberately defy them in the game to convince the kid that he is the most intelligent, quick and agile, hoping thereby to raise his self-esteem.

But actually, such actions, they may not benefit his offspring, but rather to hurt, because confidence crumbs in their abilities, could collapse at one point when he will have to play with their peers, “to be honest”. On the other hand, if “not to yield”, Dita, simply just lose interest in the game, and will think that not will be a winner. Then, what to do, you ask? How to find the way out of the vicious circle? It’s very simple – you need to teach your child not only to win but also to lose, explaining that the main thing is not to win but honesty, commitment, respect for opponents, and the fun of the game.

The reluctance and inability to lose, pushes the kid into a Scam . after all, if earlier he was able to easily beat the adult dad, so any will be able to beat his own age. And the blame is most often the parents themselves, who from the cradle praised your child for serious achievements for ideal behavior, for unquestioning obedience. But insignificant (to you) success, it is very important for kid, passed by. He will try at any price to earn your praise, even if I have to cheat or deceive. To wean the child from this, try to time exclude from his life game in which you have to show all their skill, ingenuity and talents, switching his attention to those that can be called “luck” – Board games, bingo, dominoes, hide and seek.

Be sure to explain the benefits of “fair play” and all the pros who will get the child, if not to cheat and to claim that he was incapable of:

If a game is fair, we will be pleased not only the winner but also for other participants. If a game is fair, then the other children will not be upset over his loss. If the child will play fair, he will gladly accept any company.

And now, a few tips on how to teach your child to accept his defeat with understanding, calmly and without hysteria:

Repetition is the mother of learning . That’s right – every time, before starting the game, don’t forget to remind children of the rules, even if they know them well.

Forces must be equal . Ideally, to avoid any misunderstandings and hard feelings, children must be in the same age category. Then they will have equal chances of winning, and the game will be fair.

Small not to offend, but only to help. If one company were children of different ages, try to persuade senior, at least a little to give odds to the kids, and even better to divide everyone into groups and think they have age-appropriate entertainment.

Themselves Directors . Creativity and imagination are wonderful. If the child showed creativity and offered the company to play a regular hide and seek, but with new, coined his own rules – that’s fine. The main thing is that all the other participants were in agreement with innovation.

Learn to rejoice in others success . Teach your kid to stretch out his hand to the winner at the end of the game, and tell him easy, but sometimes trudnoperevarivaema the word “Congratulations.” Perhaps the first time, because of the anger and resentment at the loss, he will be hard to do, but with time, will become a good tradition and sincere emotions.

Bouncers nobody likes . Explain to your offspring, you should always support the underdog, because they remain without a prize. If you were in first place, you do not need to brag or tease them. In addition, it is very frustrating, next time, in its place you may happen to be.

If adults have noticed that children are a cheater, then you need to immediately make it clear that you can’t do that. Otherwise, once the other children will notice flagrant violation of the rules, they won’t want to play. In sports glasses, which are able to earn through cunning and deceit, void, and trip an opponent on the football field, can easily disqualify. Tell me about this child, and perhaps he doesn’t want to cheat anyone.

Maintain, encourage and otherwise demonstrate to the kids that the game, first of all – the pleasure, regardless of the result.