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Parents and children: a joint game


Many parents get along well with children, care about them, but I can not enter into their fantasy world to become closer to them and understand children better. The main thing is to return to childhood, to start to play games for children in the literal sense.

How parents can become great partners to the children in the game? Let the game goes the way, and give your child the opportunity to take a leading role.

“It may seem strange, but I completely forgot how to play. I realized this only when my 5-year-old daughter Nastya asked me to play with her Princess. She handed me two dolls – Cinderella and Snow white, and then looked at me and said, “Let them talk»»,- says Natalia, housewife, 30 years.

«I have tried to build a dialogue between the puppets, but it was hard. The daughter was clearly upset about it», – says Natalya. “I felt the same way, and it happened much earlier. Whenever Nastya asked me to build a Fort or play at a restaurant, my gut reaction was always the same: “should I?”, – continues the story Nastia’s mother.

Actually, this attitude to children’s games watched many parents. According to British research, one in five parents said that he forgot how to play, and one third admitted that playing with their children for them absolutely boring.

It’s not enough just to walk with the children on a variety of interesting exhibitions, theatrical performances, read books to them. Children need to parents have become their partners in the game, not just observers.

The game is work. Every day I six times playing cat and mouse with her babies”, says Inga, the mother of two preschoolers.

«in the Evenings I was cooking dinner, trying to convince children to eat it, was updating the family calendar, cut the kids nails and bathed them. I had so much to do, there was always a reason not to play with the kids to the pet store. But I’m starting to feel the clock ticking. Recently my eldest daughter lost her first tooth, time has passed by so quickly. Soon she doesn’t even want me to with it playing. What if my only memories of her childhood will be braiding and bathing?», – says Natalia. “I knew that somewhere hidden in me the capacity for spontaneous action. I once was 5 years old. I knew what they are talking about dolls. I turned the towels in the wraps and was running around the house screaming. So, I decided to undertake efforts to resuscitate my children skills and learned some lessons that may be helpful for you” – continued Nastia’s mother.

Parents and children. Kids games is priority No. 1

The idea of playing mums and dads with their children is a relatively new concept. In the 1960-ies and 1970-ies in the families often had three or four kids, so the children themselves entertained. Besides, nobody thought twice before letting children unattended to wander in the surrounding area. Now, families spend more time together (good thing!), and many parents ultimately be for their children to all – parents, mentors, teachers and partners in the games.

So, find 20 minutes a day to play with the kids after work and before you immerse yourself into a routine evening Affairs. While playing with children don’t need to check emails and answer phone calls. Turn off your mobile, take a seat near the child. The voice of the child all actions in the game.

You can play with dolls, cars, Board games (for older children) or just throw the ball to each other, you will see what a delight it causes in children.

If a child tells you “Play with me”, it does not mean that he wants to play for hours. The child simply tells you: “I’m bored. Can you help me?”. Children is enough for 15 minutes of playing together.

Just say “Yes” to play with the child

Of course, you can’t always plan games. Sometimes you just have to jump in and go with the flow. First lesson is the basis of all improvisations: regardless of what the child tells you, answer me: “Yes, I. “. It will force you to use your imagination. “If a child says, “What a beautiful duck on your head”, – do not say: “I don’t Have a duck on your head!”, answer “Yes, and she really loves to swim”. If there is an idea, it is possible to play easily.

How to play with the child: his interest

How to make so that the game was always interesting?

The trick is to turn an ordinary situation into something extraordinary. For example, if you juggle oranges, he can fall to the floor and shatter. That’s when you can turn it into a talking doll, it will please the children. This can be as simple as intentionally leave a chocolate mark on her cheek or put a bowl instead of a hat. Do something stupid, something that children don’t expect from you.

While reading the book, you can update the narrative, inviting the uninvited guest – mouse, talking with a funny accent, for example. Wear funny outfits and do unusual things, it will amuse the children, and they will take you “for”.

Yes, creativity – not an easy job, but the more you think, the easier it will get.

In addition to you children should have other partners on games, dad, grandma, the other kids. Play together, enrich, unite and help the child to develop.

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