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How to develop imagination and creativity in children? Ways of development of imagination and thinking


Every mom and every dad wants his child to be healthy, and develop physically and spiritually. Now, education is such an important moment, as the development of imagination and thinking.

How to develop the imagination of the child? It is believed that the imagination is given to man by nature: either it exists or it does not. So I think adults who at the word “elephant” imagine a large, two big ears, gray color. They even think to imagine some other, orange, for example, or with a long tail. And when you look at the pot of soup, they will not be able with all the efforts to come up with another destination, except for food. The older a person is, the more pragmatic, he sees different things and their features. And these views appear together with experience.

Let’s talk about ways of development of creative imagination in children of preschool age. After all, the imagination plays an important role in the development of logical thinking. And if these qualities are not to be ignored, then later the baby may be difficult. With a younger child it is important to learn to think in fantasy pictures to think. And we should send him on the right path. If this is not done, the fantasies can become painful phobias.

Examine them carefully to your child, pay attention to the peculiarities of his character and abilities. In further such actions on your part will help you choose methods that are appropriate and interesting to the child.

By trial and error ways to pick baby’s development and imagination, games and activities for the development of thinking.

Here are a few ways to play with the child in fantasy. Exercises on the development of thinking is suitable both for younger students and for preschoolers, toddlers, and even adults.

Game 1

There are different methods of developing imagination. Invite son or daughter to assume what you need this or that thing. You can think of any options, as long as the child tried to explain logically. For example, a blanket. What is it for, and how it can be used? Answers: for the building of the house, to hide, to throw on and become a Ghost, roll it, so it turned into a horse, you can wrap yourself in a fur coat. And what options have you created? Write in the comments.

Game 2

This game is very similar to the psychological test. Only goal of the game is completely different. So, take a blank sheet of paper and make it sloppy blot with paint. And now look at him. What is it like? You can compete: who will see the unusual shape of things and objects in an ordinary building.

The same spot may seem and girl, and wood, and a table, and a plate of porridge. And, it is unlikely that you will have the same images with the child. These lessons will be useful for both children and adults.

Game 3

Now, let’s we begin to think as children, and look at the clouds. Remember how we all were doing it in childhood and seen in every cloud Hippo, a horse and a bird at the same time?

Now, look at any cloud. What is it like? Maybe a ship or freight car. After a minute, the cloud will begin to take new shape. Again, look at it closely. Now, surely, it is no longer a ship, a dragon with three heads, or even a camel. And those clouds, what’s next, similar to fabulous animals. Vaughn Bunny, and there’s the bear. I wonder what they will do? Where they go, or getting away from somebody? Maybe they collect flowers? Try to continue your fantasies arbitrarily. This way will develop thinking and imagination.

Suggest you first practice in itself, and then to play with the baby. And it may be hard to compete, children learn very quickly. However, don’t give up. Definitely you will experience a surprise, from what your view will be very different from the fantasies of the baby. In this game you can play on the street, and can be at home, looking out the window.

How to develop imagination in an adult? Sometimes we are driven life situations in such narrow confines. Such classes on the imagination provide an opportunity to look at the big picture, in addition to imagination, develops logical and spatial thinking, both in children and in adults, pay attention to this fact.

Game 4

Kids love to play with shadows. Offer to arrange a theatre of shadows. For example, try to show them the child’s favourite fairy tale. And he let her voice and learns heroes.

Then exchange places. Learn together to show on the wall of animals, birds. Let them try “to speak”, “walk”, to do what your fantasy tells.

In this game children are ready to play without getting tired for a long time.

You can see the cartoon, for example, Peppa Pig. and dream – to be, if you happened to be in the center of this fabulous story… What would you have wanted to do? Meeting someone from cartoon characters?

Be sure to praise your child, let his imagination did not stop there. Develop thinking and imagination of the child in the family. And practice you can think of a great many. The main thing is that they do not become commonplace, and every time they were interesting and brought pleasure and joy.