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Development of empathy in preschool children
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What to do with baby for a walk at different times of the year Batista poradnytsia


In the fall of the year is very exciting to jump into a pile of leaves and make it colorful fireworks. Moreover, the rustling of fallen leaves acts calming.

One of the most interesting classes in this time of year — the Assembly of the herbarium.

Arrange a walk “Magical nature”, which is to not simply walk and observe and listen to the sounds around: the rustling of leaves underfoot, the birds chirping. Search, find beautiful leaves, the buds and twigs. You can arrange a competition, who loudly it rattled the leaves, who can find the biggest leaf, who will find the red leaf, etc.

Particularly popular game “Leaves”. With the baby gather leaves of different trees, thus necessarily determined and is called the tree from which the leaves fell.

Returning home from a walk, you can collect a bouquet of beautiful foliage, fruit of the ash tree branches with pinecones, grass. Arriving home, put your bouquet in a vase.

When you go to the site to make it more interesting this way, ask them riddles or learn with him poems about autumn.

And what luck will bring the process of creating the trough, daily feeding birds, watching our smaller brethren. This activity with the child will contribute not only to its development, and the nurturing love of wildlife and nature.

Walk with baby in the winter

Great pleasure will not only kids, but adults, ride the hills on sleds.

If you have the opportunity to go to the waterfront, you can look at the ice: what are his properties, as he shines in the sun and think, why is he still melts if the warm rays of it.

Great joy to children of any age are given the snow sculpting women. Don’t forget to take home colored buttons, old hat or scarf, a carrot. And indeed, one of the snow you can make anything your heart desires: snow tower, different animals, houses.

Very fun game for the whole family in winter. One rule — not to throw each other to the ice! Throw snowballs in the aim, organize competitions, who’s next or who is taller. The rules can be complicated: for example, throw with my left arm or necessarily on one foot, Bouncing, or with one arm, laid back, etc.

Very fun lesson — drawing in the snow with coloured water. Water can be painted using regular watercolor paint, after typing it in a plastic bottle and having made the cover of little holes, so it turned more like a watering can.

Teach your kid to find the tracks of animals and birds, ask them to dream up who owns a particular mark, tell and show, how to look like the footprints of different animals. This game can be continued at home: cut the stencils with traces and leave them on a white sheet of paper.

And as well just walk around with a baby on the square or in the Park, to breathe fresh air, to admire the birds and feed them seeds or bread crumbs.

Walk with a child in the spring

Surely, there are a small number of people who have never ran in a distant sailing boats in spring creeks. Wonderful lesson, which begins at home with a joint process of registration of boats or boat.

One of the favorite activities any child to jump in puddles. Especially lucky in this matter modern kiddies and their parents. Now, there are demi-season clothing that is designed for these purposes, it is waterproof and greaseproof impregnation.

Watch outside the melting snow, “weeping” icicles, swelling of the kidney. Take your toddler to the Park or the woods, listen to the birds singing in the spring it becomes more mellow and fun.

Many interesting things is fraught with the plant world. Buds, from under the snow breaks first grass and spring flowers. Save impressions of the walk will help the photos taken with the baby.

Don’t forget, puzzles, poems, Proverbs and sayings are the best way to pass a spring mood, to tell about the features of this time of year, revealing such an interesting and diverse world of nature.

A walk with the baby in the summer

Summer gives kids the opportunity to perform in the yard all day, with breaks for lunch and NAPs. And parents usually don’t mind long walks on a warm summer day – because of fresh air and sunshine are necessary for children’s health and development.

Great if you in the yard there is a swing, sandpit and children’s slides. But even they may get bored with the kid if he plays on the same site day in and day out. With a little imagination, you can diversify a walk to spend time with fun and benefit.

Children love bubbles – you can catch the bubbles inflated with mom, or to blow them yourself.

Crayons – another game that is a favorite of all children. Drawing colorful pictures on the pavement not only brings joy to the baby, but also helps to strengthen the muscles of his hands and develop fine motor skills.

You can go with the child to the Botanical garden or the zoo. After all, the kid would be so interesting to see live animals, which he many times saw in the picture. And in parks and gardens there are many birds, which can feed sunflower seeds or a bun.

Show your child how to weave a wreath of flowers, make a bouquet and decorate it with sprigs and leaves. Gather some flowers and leaves home, then to dry them and make them beautiful and interesting crafts.

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