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What to do when heat stroke the child


Heat stroke (hyperthermia) is a life-threatening condition. This phenomenon occurs as a result of severe overheating. Often the body temperature rises due to the fact that the body can’t cool down, we have disrupted the process of thermoregulation.

Particularly susceptible to thermal shock the kids, as their body is still not strong enough, many processes are not yet perfect in it.

Kids are very easily subjected to heat in the hot season, for example, while walking in hot weather, and also for dehydration. Many parents make the huge mistake of dressing the baby warmer than required by the season of the year or weather conditions.

In addition, sunburns are an additional risk factor for heat stroke. Also do not leave your child in a parked car, because in these conditions, the lesions may occur in just a few minutes, so as to transport the temperature rises much faster than on the street.

The content of the article

The symptoms of heat stroke in young children

Determine what your child heat stroke will help the following symptoms:

High fever without sweating;

The skin often become red, but with severe lesions become deathly pale;

Skin hot to the touch;

Restless behavior, for example, aggressiveness, moodiness;



Distraction and confusion, for example, the baby does not respond to the call of the parents, tickling, etc. It may become sluggish because there is a weakness;

Nausea and vomiting;

Shortness of breath, surface;

Unconscious state.

Parents should pay special attention to the symptoms of dehydration, which is accompanied by heat stroke of any severity.

In mild and moderate lesions correctly render first aid is key to a successful recovery. However, in the case of severe hyperthermia there is no guarantee that the person will be able to save. In more than 30% of the cases it is stated fatal outcome despite drastic measures.

Signs of heat stroke and dehydration in a child

Parents must provide the child with first aid, see if he has the following symptoms:

Excessive thirst;

Sticky saliva, dry mouth;

Minor urination, the urine dark yellow or light brown;

When you stop watering the eyes, so dehydration is moved in a moderate degree;

Cold extremities;

Point spasm;

Strong dehydration evidenced by uncontrollable behaviour;

The inability to walk and stand;

Weak rapid pulse;

Dilated pupils;

Minor urination for 12 hours or their complete absence;


The severity of symptoms largely depends on the intensity and duration of exposure to heat on the body. Also play an important role such factors as: the presence of diseases, allergies, meteosensitivity, intake of medicines, the age of the baby.

Treatment of heat stroke in infants and children older

First, it is necessary to bring the temperature down. It is very important, as quickly as possible to start implementing measures first aid, as time plays a crucial role. Heatstroke child, and especially in infants, is progressing much faster than an adult.

Secondly, it is necessary to call an ambulance or doctor at home, if the condition of the baby is too heavy.

Step-by-step first aid is as follows:

To undress the baby and move to a cool place. When a child is on the street, you should put it in the shade, although the best option would still be a cool premise;

Before the arrival of the ambulance the baby’s body, wipe with a moistened sponge, towel or any suitable fabric. Can be applied compresses. But water should not be ice cold, but just cool enough to avoid collapse of vessels. Lotions are made in the following areas and parts of the body: forehead, nape, neck, temples, collarbones, the inside bend of the elbows, the knees, calves, groin, buttocks;

Obmakivanie objects that mimic the fan;

Definitely need to talk to the baby, he felt calmer;

Drinking plenty of fluids in small SIPS. The water should be warm but not cold, otherwise the child will be sick. It is possible to give a solution of glucose 5%, baking soda or salt. It should be noted that for infants used diet therapy. It is recommended in the first day of illness to skip one feeding, and the total amount of food to reduce by a third. In the diet should include products such as yogurt, sour mix and biologics. In the following days the amount of food should be gradually increased to normal;

Better to put the patient on his back and raise his head or turn to the side if vomiting occurs;

If there are violations of breath – hold several times to his nose cotton wool soaked in ammonia alcohol;

Not worth it to consult with your doctor to give the victim any antipyretics, as they will not bring down the temperature and can smear the clinical picture;

If breathing has stopped urgently to do artificial respiration and chest compressions.

When did the first signs of heat exhaustion, but it does not develop into heat stroke, it is recommended as soon as possible to take the patient to a cool place, to give to drink. It should be noted that the liquid should not be too sweet and cold, otherwise there will be spasms of the abdominal muscles.

It is possible to bathe the child in a cool bath or shower (the water temperature is 18-20 degrees). After that, you can’t go out. If the condition of the victim is not getting better, it is better to call an ambulance or to transport him to the doctor.

Heat stroke in a child treated long enough, need a few weeks to rehab. During this period, not advised to go outside and need to stay in bed.

All of these measures must be familiar with the parents of young children. First, it is necessary to cool the body. Secondly – to provide drinking plenty of fluids. Thirdly – call emergency care when symptoms are life-threatening. This treatment in most cases has a positive effect.

In addition, to cool the body by any means at hand, but do not use too cold water. If heat stroke happened on the holiday, you can immerse the victim in a body of water such as a lake or river.

Rubdowns are is not just plain water, but a weak vinegar solution. Drink your baby needs to give every 20-30 minutes. Instead of water suitable solution Rehydron, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.


Every parent should care about the health of their child.

In the prevention of heat stroke will help you with the following recommendations:

Not to go out with a child on the street during the hottest hours of 11 and 16. To avoid it being too active games and physical activities;

To protect your head from direct sunlight. For this approach, not only head-dress, and umbrellas;

To put the crumbs only clothing made from natural materials like cotton, linen, wool. It is better to prefer light tones. Also not worth much to wrap the baby, because heatstroke may occur not only in summer but even in winter;

Not out on the open sun during the period of its highest activity;

Ensure to drink plenty of liquids. The perfect thirst quencher fruit drinks, kvass, tea;

Constantly ventilate the room, open the Windows. If you have a fan or air conditioning, it is possible to use it periodically;

Do not overfeed the baby.

The above preventive measures do not require much effort, time and cost, but allow you to fully exclude the risk of heat stroke.

Take care of health of their kids, watch their health and at the first sign of discomfort urgently ask for help!

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