24 rules for moms of boys - the Answer to everything
1. Teach your son to put into words what he feels. The kid can scream in frustration, to hide from embarrassment, biting excitement and crying from fear. Explain to him…

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  Cheat sheet for parents "Crazy – Art look at the situation from another point of view – one of the most important art of worldly wisdom. PERSONAL VALUE CAN…

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From a boy to raise a man who doesn’t cry?


Women can often hear the regret that today’s boys lack male parenting, and as a result lack of male parenting men do not manifest themselves in a masculine way. This is a huge however, only are we ready for such education, including whether women themselves to make difficult the norms of male parenting, education like men? The belief “Men don’t cry” is a required part of men’s education. I think this is a good believe that it should be applied with discernment and intelligence.

This is not all know, but for men crying is pointless. For women it’s different: if the woman mount, and she cried, she usually becomes easier, woman crying helps to cope with emotional pain. While the men have all wrong, their grief and their pain are not crying eases, no.

Women believe in it with difficulty, but it’s true – tears from men not easier. If a man against his tears, they cause him protest and additional internal stress. If a man has nothing against men crying, he own tears indifferent as to any discharge of fluid from the body.

In male culture, crying is not accepted as good people. – Mat. Crying is just the result of habit. Of course, if it’s a habit developed from early childhood, crying seems natural and inevitable, but in cultures where the weeping Continue reading

Fair game or let’s teach a child to play!


Parents of young children often deliberately defy them in the game to convince the kid that he is the most intelligent, quick and agile, hoping thereby to raise his self-esteem.

But actually, such actions, they may not benefit his offspring, but rather to hurt, because confidence crumbs in their abilities, could collapse at one point when he will have to play with their peers, “to be honest”. On the other hand, if “not to yield”, Dita, simply just lose interest in the game, and will think that not will be a winner. Then, what to do, you ask? How to find the way out of the vicious circle? It’s very simple – you need to teach your child not only to win but also to lose, explaining that the main thing is not to win but honesty, commitment, respect for opponents, and the fun of the game.

The reluctance and inability to lose, pushes the kid into a Scam . after all, if earlier he was able to easily beat the adult dad, so any will be able to beat his own age. And the blame is most often the parents themselves, who from the cradle praised your child for serious achievements for ideal behavior, for unquestioning obedience. But insignificant (to you) success, it is very important for kid, passed by. He will try at any price Continue reading

Books for parents


Dear friends, this page contains list, which included the famous book for parents about parenting and the relationship with the child. These books are read by many thousands of parents worldwide and is recognized as the best assistants in the education of children – small and large, docile and not very. The book, in which you’ll find answers, tips, inspiration and strength.

Best books for parents about parenting

One of the best books that should be read by every mother. The book is written in the form of a confidential conversation with a young mother, in which the author sets up more thoughtfully and be sure to look at their child. Author – Janusz Korczak – an outstanding Polish teacher, has devoted his life to children. He remained faithful to them until death: refusing the possibility of escape from a Nazi ghetto, Janusz Korczak remained with her pupils, Jewish orphans, to the end and together they entered the gas chamber.

One of the best books on parenting. How to build a relationship with the child? How to get him to obey? Can I fix the relationship if they are deadlocked? You’ll find the answers to these and other questions, will learn how to solve them in practice in your life.

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