Cheat sheet for parents "Crazy – Art look at the situation from another point of view – one of the most important art of worldly wisdom. PERSONAL VALUE CAN…

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Interpersonal relations in the family and their influence on the formation of personality and behavior in children
The relevance of interpersonal relations in the family and their influence on the formation of personality and behavior in children is: a very important factor and emotional balance mental health…

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The 20 most interesting ways to keep kids busy in summer


Summer — the best time to conduct as much time as possible outside, especially for children — after all a growing body needs air. However, not only this issue is of concern to many parents, but also the question of what to do with the child in the summer, so it was not boring, useful and entertaining!

20 of the most interesting ways to keep kids busy in summer

1. Help to find the child a new hobby. Summer time — a good thing to start something new, because there is no hurry, and can be interesting to devote more time. No matter what it is — a passion for astronomy, or woodcarving, most importantly — to support the child in the new venture.

2. If you have the opportunity to travel to the country — then ask your child every weekend to throw theme parties! It can be characters from their favorite cartoons or movies, and can be simple and parties — for example, a foam party is not difficult to do if you have an inflatable pool.

3. Learn to play outdoor games on the street — alas, the modern children do not know what a tag, cops and robbers, and the girls recall the good old game — to jump in elastic. Such outdoor games suitable for children of almost Continue reading

Children’s fears.


Your child is afraid of the dark, afraid to be alone. Where is the line between normal and abnormal? What was the cause of fear? How to understand what scares baby? All these questions sooner or later asks himself every parent.

What is fear?

Fear is the most dangerous of all emotions. It is a reaction to real or imaginary (but experienced as the reality of the danger. The human body is designed so that combat fear cannot last long. On a biological level, fear is the secretion into the blood of a large amount of adrenaline that causes in the human body hormonal explosion. On a psychological level, is a fear of situations, objects, people, events) that result in the secretion of this hormone. Fear is a familiar feeling which we experience quite often. Once having experienced fear in some situations, we will experience similar feelings every time in similar cases. Fear comes with the experience. We are scared that once disturbed our soul and consciousness. Rarely those who are afraid of subjects and situations, which really never was, or at least not seen or read about it. Fears appear together with the cognitive activity, the child grows and begins to learn about the world. It develops in society, and leading role in the education of adults play. So how competent are our words and behavior, depends on the mental Continue reading

Why we love to play

People love to play, it is an indisputable fact. Not everybody is the same, but the one who really knows how and loves to play, and live better, and reach more. The game not only helps to distract, it reveals our creative features, gives you the opportunity to surpass yourself.

People are coming up with an increasing number of games, especially fertile soil was the development of computer technology, where the game is limited only by the imagination of the inventor. Building new rides and amusement parks, quizzes and competitions, popular sports. And world games secretly attracted to your circles not only children but also adults. In fact the last couple of decades has involved in the game a very large number of adults. You can call it degradation, a return to its infantile tendencies, or a desire to escape from real problems, or to indulge one’s inner self, or rather, his child side. The game introduces us to another state of consciousness – detachment and in no way eclipsed delight. It relieves tension, helps to feel the spiritual ascent. The games are created to fill us with positive emotions and energy.

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Why officials decided to pick up three daughters in foster care from Belgorod?
What is better, an orphanage or foster home? On this, as it turned out ambiguous the question trying to answer the guardianship in the Belgorod region. There in a difficult…

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How to develop imagination and creativity in children? Ways of development of imagination and thinking
  Every mom and every dad wants his child to be healthy, and develop physically and spiritually. Now, education is such an important moment, as the development of imagination and…